Greeting From Director


Alhamdulllah Wa Syukurillah, in 2016 Al-Jannah have been serving for 16 years and counting. May Allah SWT always guide, protect and leads us to be an institution that delivers Islamic leader.

In Al-Jannah Islamic, nature and science school, we focus in 3 human development pillars:

Spiritual quotient: development of aqidah, ibadah and akhlak

Emotional quotient: development of leadership through discipline, independent and responsible spirit

Intellectual quotient: development of intelligence based on talent and interest, with critical, analytical thinking, and good communication skill.

Our educational institution based on multiple intelligence, which believe every human being is born perfect, a blessing gives from Allah SWT and have equal rights to be treated and received well education.

We deliver our education hand-in-hand not only with parents, but also with the community and government to create a system that convenience yet comprehensive to unlock the hidden talents of our kids.

May Allah SWT bless our goals and what we have done become good deeds, and always guard our kids, leads them to straight faith to be Khalifatullah across the universe where ever they are….amiin


Director Of Al-Jannah School