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Al Jannah menyiapkan pemimpin taqwa dan kreatif !

Today is a special day for the 8 graders of Al Jannah Junior High School. Students of 8B invited a special guest from Kenya to share about her life and Kenya in general. Hosted by Najwa and Nasywa from grade 8B, the English Atmosphere chatted with Prisha Victor, a 13 years old girl and a student from Braeburn High School.

She is an Indian girl that came to Kenya in 2017, she is now a 9th grader that already has so many achievements such as 21 gold medals from world scholars, a play leader in grade 5, a monitor in grade 6, a deputy head girl (2020-2021), a house captain (2021-2022), a class representative (2021-2022), a MSMUN ambassador for 2 years and got a Cambridge essay scholarship winner for 2 years. Thus, we learned the tips and tricks on how to get a lot of achievement like she has.

Thank you, Prisha (@bill_nye_the_russian_spy_28), for sharing with us. We really appreciate it!

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