Education trip to @America


On Tuesday 09 January 2019 Al – Jannah Junior high school had an education trip to @America. This trip aims to encourage the students’ English skills and quality. The event began with video watching of the USA profile as well as its culture and education development. In the next session, the host had an interactive dialogue with two delegations of our students , Sheva from 7B and Andin from 7A. They asked our students to join the stage by sharing their first impression about @America.


The main activity of the event was “ The Interactive Quiz”. This quiz was very different with other quizzes because the students used an interactive smart response. It was like a remote and we could choose the answer by choosing A, B, C, or D by pressing the remote . They also provided us an Ipad that we could use for looking the answers by using Google.

The quiz consisted of a number of questions about general knowledge of America. The students were divided into fifteen groups, each of group consisted of seven or six persons. They should answer the questions as quick as they could and make sure it’s the correct answers. There were five groups that got perfect score (100 points) but only the fastest could be the winner. The winners were Gigih, Sheva , Razan, Favian, Rehan, Zaki from 7B and Surya from 7C.

The last session was filled with an entertaining performance by Andin and Nadin from 7A. They sang a song entitled ” A Million Dreams ” from the movie The Greatest Showman. This song was very touching, even some of the crews of @America sang along with our friends on the side of the stage. Not only “A Million Dreams,” a song from John Mayer performed by Audif from 8C also entertained us as closing of the event.

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