English is fun and easy grade 4

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English is fun and easy.

Such a great thing to learn english in easy way. Today, students of 4th grade are very happy and antusiastic in learning english with Ms. Erien Anderson. Miss Erien as a native speaker has tought us how to speak english in easy way. So, the students are able to practice english without any doubt and hesitate. It,s no matter even we speak in a wrong way.

In this short lesson, the students are learning about pet would they rather have. Some of students would have a kitten than a puppy, but the other one would rather have a snake. Hmmm I think it’s a little bit scary. But, whatever you would have please treat them as weel as you treat yourself.

At the end of sessions, the students feel so happy learning english with Ms. Erien. Don’t forget we take a picture with Ms. Erien, the Headmaster, and also the students. Thanks alot Ms. Erien
See you next time

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